Data Engineering

Data Engineering Team

Our Data Engineering team members can help you:

  • Provide a reliable infrastructure for data
  • Organize the collection of information, it’s processing, and storage
  • Build tools, frameworks, and services to move and process your data
  • Enable clean, reliable, and performative access to data and databases
  • Design, develop and manage data solutions
  • Enable users to gain value and insights from their data
Skilled Engineering Staff

What We Do

Architect Distributed Systems

Our in-depth knowledge of distributed systems allows for our data engineers to work with data scientists to transform data into a useful format for fast analysis.
TeamUP’s data team has experience employing the latest tools, techniques, and solutions such as microservices, Kubernetes, and meshes to deliver best in class solutions to address your business goal.

Data Collection

Your data integration strategy is incredibly important because it will determine your ability to grow as a data-driven organization, which often determines your ability to act on data-driven insights before your competitors. And as businesses prioritize data-driven decisions using information taken from the growing number of applications and databases powering their operations, the need for clean and data of good quality is even more key. More governance and compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR and CCPA need to be applied as well. As your company’s data needs grow, your strategy should be able to take that growth into account as well.

Create reliable pipelines

When it comes to pipeline development, many different tools are needed for different jobs – it takes advanced programming skills, big-data framework understanding, and systems creation. TeamUP has the experience to work alongside you in every step from data ingestion, processing, and storage to manage access to the critical results you to take action on.

Architect Data Stores

We help you modernize your infrastructure with cloud data warehouses and cloud data lakes. Having experience with the various data needs of many companies in different industries, TeamUP will help you create the best data repository with the right ETL or ELT solution that best moves and stores your data needs for both now and for the future.

Let’s TeamUP to Level-UP your capabilities and ignite new ideas to advance the transformation you have set out to achieve.

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