About Us


We are passionate about building power teams and careers.

TeamUP specializes in providing talent solutions for:

  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering and IC Design
  • Data Engineering
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Application and Software Development
Professional Developer programmer working a software website design and coding technology, writing codes and database in company office, Global cyber connection technology.

TeamUP Mission

Helping innovative companies and tech talent achieve their goals.

TeamUP Values

Driven, Positive, Teamwork, Collaborative, Growth Mindset

Our Approach

Build great teams and careers while impacting and elevating the lives, teams, and companies we work with. Accelerate transformation, bring real change with powerful connections customized to you.


passionate about creating powerful partnerships with talent, teams, & tech.


A specialized engineering staffing resources firm focused on contractors, consultants, and temporary positions in the engineering and technology industries. We work with employers and IT/tech candidates to understand needs.

We have a wide range of tech opportunities available for senior leveled, experienced IT/Tech professionals who are looking for short term contract work with top Fortune 500 industries all the way to start up businesses.

Tech Opportunities→

Our team of Talent Advisor experts  are focused in providing tech talent to match for your innovated tech needs. Our database extends into software, hardware, data, cloud specialties, and so much more.

Searching for Talent→

Let’s TeamUP to Level-UP your capabilities and ignite new ideas to advance the transformation you have set out to achieve.

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