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Engineering Expertise When You Need It Most

Comprehensive Contract Engineering Solutions Tailored to Your Needs. Explore Our Range of Silicon Hardware and Software Contract Engineering Services

At TeamUP, we are obsessed with helping our clients design and deliver breakthrough AI semiconductor technology. Our elite teams of ASIC designers, verification experts, FPGA engineers, physical implementation talent, and software optimization gurus all thrive on tackling the most complex challenges involved in advanced hardware development.

We augment your engineering organization, providing precisely the specialized skills and bandwidth needed to achieve your ambitious AI chip goals on schedule. Our engineers don't just meet requirements - they employ innovative techniques like customizable SoC architectures, intelligent testbench automation, high-speed interface optimization, congestion-aware floorplanning, and performance-enhancing software to deliver results beyond expectations.

With a proven track record over hundreds of successful projects, we offer the adaptability and technical excellence to supercharge your engineering initiatives. If tackling tough design and implementation roadblocks is slowing your next product release, we have the multifaceted expertise to identify and break through those bottlenecks.

Let's have a quick chat to explore how our elite engineering teams can help propel your project - whether an emerging startup or established industry leader. We are ready to help architect your AI-fueled future.

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Why Choose TeamUP?

  • Rapid Talent Deployment: Access our pool of experienced engineers on-demand to quickly scale your team and meet project deadlines.
  • Speed and Flexibility: Our flexible staffing solutions allow you to respond to changing project needs and resource requirements with ease.
  • Niche Expertise: Benefit from the specialized skills and knowledge of our engineers, handpicked to match your unique project requirements.

Ready to experience the difference TeamUP can make for your next engineering project? Click below to explore our services and discover how we can help you achieve your goals.